The Stead Health Group works with health care providers, payers and life science companies to help improve their strategic, operational and financial performance. Clients look to us for our extensive healthcare industry expertise and results orientation. The Stead Health Group has experience with hospitals, health systems, physician practices, health plans, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, state and federal government agencies.

Healthcare Communications Transformations:

Determine and understand stakeholders. Develop well-formed outcomes for each stakeholder. Identify workflow and relationship to the business model. Tie workflow and outcomes to business model. Determine organizational measures of cost, performance and service levels for the present organization. Establish organization structure, staffing levels, roles and skills for the transformed organization. Recommend information systems, tools, equipment and other facilities required for the transformed organization. Create organizational measures of cost, performance and service levels for the transformed organization to operate efficiently and effectively.

Operations Improvement:

Improving cost effectiveness while maintaining high quality services. Preparing productivity improvement plans. Strengthening quality improvement processes and quality assurance procedures. Improving business office management. Developing policies and procedures Assisting with quality assurance compliance.

Strategic Planning and Positioning:

Developing a strategic planning process, tailored to an organization's specific needs, that confirms the organization's mission, crafts an energizing vision, has measurable goals and prepares the strategies that will move the organization toward fulfilling its vision. Planning and facilitating board/ staff retreats.

Financial Analysis and Turnaround:

Assessing the financial feasibility of facility or service development, expansion, or renovation Planning resource allocation and management. Assessing salary and benefit structures. Preparing general feasibility analysis and profitability studies. Conducting operational audits and benchmarking. Assessing profitability by third-party payer.

Program and Service Line Development:

Conducting market analysis. Assessing community health needs. Developing and implementing programs and service lines. Preparing business plans for new programs and services.

Facility Planning and Development:

Assessing long- and short-term space needs. Relocating services, including identifying alternative uses for existing facilities. Estimating future volumes based on market and utilization analysis. Determining capacity of existing facilities to meet future needs. Programming functional and space requirements for new remodeled facilities. Working with architects and contractors to plan new facilities or redesign existing space. Forecasting financial performance related to facility changes.